Technical tapes


Technical tapes

Jatex offers a broad selection of technical tapes aligned with the needs of various industries such as manufacturers of footwear, pet accessories (leashes, harnesses), transport straps, fence tapes; sail sewing and repair services, sail manufacturers, specialist sewing rooms (for uniformed services); wholesalers of leather goods garden supplies, haberdashery, and HSE supplies; construction equipment rentals; home-improvement and construction stores; producers of hammocks, fitness equipment, backpacks, bags and handbags; producers of flags, temporary fencing, fence tapes and warning tapes.

Technical tapes


Footwear manufacturers
Garden supplies wholesalers
Transport straps manufacturers
Sail sewing and repair services
Leather goods wholesalers
Home-improvement and construction stores
Haberdashery wholesalers
HSE wholesalers
Flag manufacturers
Hammock manufacturers
Ladder manufacturers
Fitness equipment
Backpack, bag and handbag manufacturers
Semi-trailer manufacturers
Construction equipment rentals
Temporary fencing manufacturers
Pet accessories (leashes, harnesses) manufacturers

Our high-quality, visually appealing technical tapes are durable and resistant to wear and tear. They come in various colours, patterns and widths, which provides broad customisation options. Thanks to our products’ flexibility and versatility, we can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

We also provide professional advice and technical support. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting technical tapes suitable for the specific industry or use. We guarantee timely deliveries, competitive prices and high quality of our products.


Manufacturer of technical tapes and haberdashery

We are a leading manufacturer of technical tapes and haberdashery in Poland. On the market since 2005. For years we have provided innovative solutions capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding partners. To deliver the highest quality services to our customers, we only utilise certified raw materials that meet all textile standards.