Transport and packaging


Transport and packaging

To customers from the transport and packaging sector, we offer a broad selection of technical tapes and haberdashery to facilitate loads fastening, secure and comfortably handle bulky items. We partner with window, door and shutters manufacturers, semi-trailer manufacturers, sawmills, local manufacturers of bulky items, and ladder manufacturers.

Transport and packaging


Window manufacturers
Door manufacturers
Ladder manufacturers
Local manufacturers of bulky items

Our products, such as lashing tapes, tie-wraps, transport straps and tie-downs guarantee security and stability during transport and storage. They are made from very strong materials resistant to mechanical damage and weather.

Our broad range assures that every customer will find a product suited to their needs. Our team of experts will be happy to advice you on the best solution in the particular case, based on the sector's specific features and customer expectations. We guarantee short lead times, competitive prices and high quality of our products.


Manufacturer of technical tapes and haberdashery

We are a leading manufacturer of technical tapes and haberdashery in Poland. On the market since 2005. For years we have provided innovative solutions capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding partners. To deliver the highest quality services to our customers, we only utilise certified raw materials that meet all textile standards.